Jim Kelly Insurance was founded over forty years ago out of the desire to provide greater choice, value and service to clients. In 1981 a young Jim Kelly had started a family, completed an economics degree, and was working for a large insurance company in Toronto when he decided that by opening his own brokerage, he could provide more personalized and tailored services to his clients, helping them navigate the important and sometimes complex decisions around insurance as well as provide greater support during stressful moments in their life.

Over the past four decades, the family based brokerage has grown dramatically because our clients not only stay with us, they recommend us to their friends and family. In fact, we have a consistent annual client retention rate of over 94%. Why? A few reasons:

  • We represent not just one, but many of Canada’s leading insurance companies, so are able to offer the best coverage options at competitive pricing, tailored to your individual needs. We work for our clients so our advice is always objective and client-centred. We help you protect your most valued assets by getting to know you on a personal level and then tailoring solutions that best fit your needs.
  • We deeply understand the industry and help our clients understand it too. We work hard to stay abreast of the trends, options, and products, and can help you navigate the jargon and choices to select the products that make the most sense for you.                                           
  • Our company was founded on three main values: Commitment, trust, and satisfaction. Commitment to providing you security. Trust that we will provide you the best protection at an honest price. And, your satisfaction in achieving your goals and maximizing your freedom. We are building a business for the long-term – not based on achieving a short term commission, so putting our clients’ needs first is always the priority.

Whether you’re seeking to upgrade an existing insurance plan, secure an entirely new policy or just researching options, we can help.